Creamy Jojoba Perfume Base
  • Difficulty Beginner
  • Time 30 mins
  • Yields 12 Mini Pumps


Creamy Jojoba Perfume Base

This formula can be used as a perfume oil carrier, or as a serum-type treatment for dry skin on the face or backs of the hands with added actives.  It dispenses well from our Mini Airless Pumps and our 5ml Mini Spray Bottle (It is  you prefer droplets). Even at it's base formula, it's full of wonderiful, Organic Jojoba and EcoCert Butter Easy.  In my batch I included some Carrot Infused Oil and Oat Oil Lipid which is why it is a bright yellow colour, but you can add around 5g/ml or whatever your favourite actives and luxury ingredients are.

This formula makes 11-12 mini pumps, and is simply luscious.  I have actually been using it on my entire face, not just under my eyes as my skin has been very dry the last winter.  You can adjust the thickness of this base but adding more or less Butter Easy.

A little goes a long way, so pump a drop or two at a time and then genly apply.  Don't apply too close to the eyes as the oils gently spreads over the skin over a couple of hours.

Ingredients for Basic Version:


1 x 250ml Beaker or similar container to mix serum in
1 x 5 pack Disposable Pipettes
1 x stirring stick or spoon
Digital Scales - Preferred, but general measuring can be done with the pipettes


  • Prepare work surface and set out ingredients
  • Measure the Jojoba and Butter Easy into the beaker

 Creamy Jojoba Perfume

  • Gently warm in a double boiler system, or in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time - the Butter Easy melts quite quickly
  • Stir gently to combine well, then add the Jasmine Absolute 3% in Jojoba and any other luxuries you are including and stir again

Creamy Jojoba Perfume 

  • Take a clean pipette and fill the airless pump bases right up to the shoulder (to ensure a good vacuum forms) when lidded
  • Although the 250ml beaker has a pouring lip, it is a little too large to pour straight into the mini airless pumps, so I prefer to use a pipette
    to avoid any serum getting into the thread

 Creamy Jojoba Perfume

  • When you have finished mixting, carefully place the pump mechanism (lid) onto the bases. 
  • Don't over tighten the lids on the bases as this will cause cracking. 
  • Label and you are done!   
Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Creamy Jojoba Perfume Base
Palm Free Icon Yes
Difficulty Beginner
Yields 12 Mini Pumps

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Creamy Jojoba Perfume Base

Pipettes - Disposable 5 pack

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Creamy Jojoba Perfume Base

Jojoba,Golden Organic 50ml

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Creamy Jojoba Perfume Base

Airless Treatment Pump (Mini) 5ml, 5 pack

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Creamy Jojoba Perfume Base

Butter Easy (Sunflower Cosmetic Wax) 50g

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