Complete List of Bramble Berry Fragrances


  Bramble Berry Soapmaking


These fragrance tools will help you when selecting and using Bramble Berry Fragrances!

You’ll find full fragrance descriptions on the individual fragrance listing page.
A few fragrances have two names, so you'll see this mentioned on the individual page too!

Water White Fragrances are suitable for Extra Clear Melt & Pour Soap, and you'll see "water white" listed beside the relevant fragrances.
Check out Soap Queen's Blog post on Water White and what it means for your soap here.  To understand what "vanilla discolouration" means, check out this page.

To calculate the amount of Fragrance for specific products and fragrances, you can use Bramble Berry's Fragrance Calculator to help. For Cold Process Soap, 2.5 - 3% of the oil weight, for Melt and Pour Soap it's usually 1.5% ish.  This Bramble Berry blog is also new and updated March 2018 and is here

Bramble Berry's Fragrance 101 Blog Post is reproduced here

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Scent Suggestions for Hair Products and Liquid Soaps 

  Fragrance Name  Contains Vanillin
If % not listed here see
fragrance page

 Does NOT


 Clear, Vanilla Free &
Water White

Alien (Type) 1.4%  
Almond Biscotti  3.75%  
Almond Milk (Type) Yes  
Alpine Frost        
Amazon Lily Rain    
Amber 3.2%  
Amethyst (Gemstone Collection) Nil  
Ancient Sedona  2.5%  
Applejack Peel (Type) 0.25%    
Apple Sage    
Apricot Freesia  
Apple Rose, Crisp   ♦ 
Arabian Spice 8%    
Autumn Fig Harvest   ♦   
Baby Powder 2% ♦   
Baby Rose    
Baby's Breath NIL  
Bamboo Mint    
Bay Rum 0.1%  
Bergamot Black Tea    
Black Amber & Lavender 11.5%  
Black Raspberry & Vanilla  Yes  
Black Tea - retiring    
Black Currant & Pomegranate    
Blackberry Retired 0.5%  
Blackberry Sage
Blooms & Berries Yes    
Blueberry Fragrance 0.27%  
Blueberry Jam    
Blue Man   4.9%
Blushing Orchid 2.0%    
Burnt Sugar  3.7%  
Butter Mints 1.2%  
Cactus Flower  Nil    
Cedar & Saffron  3%    
Celestial Waters      
Chai Tea 4%  
Champagne 0.1%   
Cherry Blossom    
Chocolate and Amber   ♦  
Chocolate, Italian Spiced   ♦    
Chocolate, Rich Dark   15.9%    
Chocolate Mint Chip   8%    
Cinnamon Sticks  4%    
Cinnamon Sugar   14%  
Clementine Cupcake - retired  6.5%  
Clover and Aloe    0%  
Coastal Rain        
Cocoa Butter & Cashmere  10.7%    
Coconut Citrus Sorbet  
Fades in CP
Coconut Cream   Nil, but does discolour
a touch in soap
Coconut Mango 0%   
Coconut Papaya  0%  
Cold Water * Cool Water Type*      
Cotton Candy 0%    
Country Kitchen 0.73%   ♦    
Cranberry Chutney Yes   ♦  
Cranberry Fig    ♦  
Cranberry Pomegranate  Yes    
Crisp Anjou Pear  0%  
Crisp Apple Rose  
Crisp Cotton  
Cucumber & Kiwi     
Cucumber Oak - retiring
Cucumber Melon  
Dragons Blood  11.4%  
Drakkar, Type     
Earl Grey Lemon (retired)    
Eden's Garden    
Electric Lemonade Cocktail  0%   
English Rose     ♦ 
Espresso  3.5%  
Flower Child  0.2%     
Frangipani - see below under Plumeria      
Frankincense And Myrrh  2%  ♦   
Fresh Bamboo     ♦ 
Fresh Mango  0.1%  ♦   
Fresh Snow   ♦  ♦ 
Fresh Zucchini Flower - retired        
Fruity Fusion Yes  ♦   
Ginger Ale - Formerly Ginger Fish! (Primal Elements Type)   ♦  ♦ 
Gingersnap  Yes ♦   
Grapefruit Bellini    ♦   
Green Fig  0%  
Green Smoothie       
Green Tea  0% ♦ 
Green Tea and Cucumber   0% ♦   
Heavenly Honeysuckle  0.3%     
Honey Ale  0.6%  ♦   
Honey & Leather  0%     
Honey, Pure (Fragrance) 0%   
Honey Beeswax  Yes   
Hot Cocoa  Yes   
Island Coconut  2%   
Island Escape  0.6%     
Island Kiss (Escada type) Retired      
Jade (Gemstone Collection) 0.1%  
Jasmine Dreams       
Juicy Couture (Bramble Berry's Type)  ♦      
Jelly Bean - aka Sugar Plum Fairy  1.2%     
Karma (Lush Type)    
Kentish Rain Retiring      
Key Lime Tart  2 - 5%   
Lavender Fragrance   
Lavender and Cedar  0%   
Lavender Chamomile, Huggies Type  
Lavender Herb Fragrance  
Lavender Green Tea   
Lavender Forest     
Lemon Verbena (Yankee Type)       
Lemon, Sweet Meyer       
Lily of the Valley     
Linden Blossom     
Love Spell     
Lychee & Red Tea  0%   
Made To Measure (Bramble Berry's Type)       
Mandarin Myrrh - Retiring  2.3%    
Mandarin Oasis - Retired      
Mango Peach Salsa - Retired      
Mango Mango!     
Mayan Gold 2.6%  
Mint Chocolate Chip Fragrance  8%   
Moonlight Pomegranate  1%     
Moonstone (Gemstone Collection) 0.1%    
Nag Champa  2.5% ♦   
Nature's Blush       
Neroli & Shea Blossom   
Oatmeal, Milk & Honey  2.5%  
Oatmeal Stout  7.7%   
Orange Grove     
Pineapple Papaya   ♦     
Passionfruit Rose (Edible Fragrance)  0.8%    
Crisp Anjou Pear 0%   
Pearberry  0% 
Peony (Type)  0%     
Pineapple Cilantro  0.03%   
Pink Grapefruit (FO)    
Pomegranate & Black Currant     
Pumpkin & Brown Sugar   3%  
Pumpkin Spice  2.14%     
Pure Honey Fragrance  0%   
Raspberries N Violets - Retired      
Raspberry Jam        
Red Apple    
Red Berry Rhubarb     
Relaxing  9.3%  
Rice Flower & Shea 0.4%     
Rosehip & Jasmine  0.1%   
Rose Quartz 0%    
Rustic Woods and Rum  0%  
Saffron & Honey       
Sage and Lemongrass    
Salty Mariner      
Sandalwood Vanilla 4.5%    
Sensuous Sandalwood ♦  ♦ 
Shave and a Haircut     
Sleigh Ride aka Country Kitchen   0.73%    
Sparkling Snowdrop 0%     
Spiced Mahogany  5%     
Does fade in CP
Strawberry & Kiwi - Retiring    
Sugar Plum Fairy  1.2%   
Summer Fling 0%     
Summer Melon Spritzer    
Sun Ripened Raspberry       
Sweet Meyer Lemon       
Sweet Pea (B & BW type)     
Sweetgrass  0% ♦ 
Tart Apple     ♦ 
Tobacco Leaf and Bay        
Turkish Mocha  11.7%   
Turquoise (Gemstone Collection) 1.0%    
Vanilla Colour Stabliser       
Vanilla Oak 5.9%     
Vanilla Rosewood 5.3%   
Vanilla Select 10.1 - 15%   
Warm Vanilla Sugar  4.4%   
Does fade in CP
White Ginger and Amber 0.1%    ♦ 
White Magnolia       
White Peach       
White Rose  0%     
White Tea & Ginger (BBW type)     
Wildflower Honey  ♦  
Winter Gardenia  0.5%  
Woodland Elves  ♦  
Yacht Club  0.1%  
Yuzu  0% ♦ 

Updated August 2018