Chocolate Heart Melt & Pour Soap Slab - SQ
  • Difficulty Beginner
  • Time 1 hour
  • Yields 900g


Dark Rich Chocolate


This tutorial was first pubished by Bramble Berry, and it's just perfect for Valentine's Day as well as Easter, or any other time you want to add a touch of chocolate, romantic sophistication to your soaps!   We have updated the colours and names to suit Australian stock, and converted the quantities to metric for you.

*Note: 2016 the Tiny Hearts HD Mould was deleted, so the trolley items include the new Silicone Tiny Hearts Mould.

Tools and Ingredients:


Dark Rich Chocolate .    Dark Rich Chocolate .    

Dark Rich Chocolate

ONE: Cut 900g Clear Melt and Pour Soap Base  into cubes.  Melt on 30 second bursts in the microwave. In a small, heat-safe jug, pour 55g melted soap and set aside. 

TWO: Add Liquid Brown Oxide and Dark Rich Chocolate fragrance to the remainder of the melted soap and stir well

THREE: Put the silicone slab mould on scales, and pour in 730g of brown soap.  Set aside until a thick skin is formed on top

FOUR:  Colour the 55g of clear soap (re-heat if it has set up) with Tomato Red Liquid Lake until it's a nice depth of red

FIVE:  Add 2ml Vanilla Colour Stabiliser.  Pour into 9 tiny heart mould cavities and place in freezer for just a few minutes

SIX: Unmold tiny hearts, spray liberally with rubbing alcohol and place in three rows of three across skin of brown soap

SEVEN: Carefully pour remainder of the brown soap around hearts evenly, making sure all hearts are surrounded with soap.  Spritz with alcohol again, and set aside for 24 hours

EIGHT: Unmould soap. Using a sharp knife cut into squares.  Enjoy!