Chill Pill Fizzies with Epsom Salts and Kaolin Clay (Kit Tutorial)
  • Difficulty Intermediate
  • Time 1 hour


Chill Pill Bath Bomb Fizzies Tutorial

Our Chill Pills use a basic bath fizzy recipe, and we've added some soothing Epsom Salts, Kaolin Clay and we've used Green Tea & Lavender Fragrance.

We've also listed other fragrance suggestions underneath the recipe if you are wanting alternative relaxing fragrances for your Chill Pills. 

We've used our Chill Pill Moulds, and recommend you make several batches of 4 pills (the recipe makes 4 pills), so you will get around 3 or 4 batches out of a kilo of Bicarbonate of Soda, with 500g of Citric Acid.  Though these are not difficult to make, it can be trickier to unmould the capsule style mould if you have never made fizzies before, so we recommend selecting the round mould as well as the capsule shape to use until you get your hand in.

This project comes in a kit, and has everything you need.
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It's best to make several small batches of Pills or Fizzies, this avoids over-wetting and activating the mixture, so to make one small batch of four fizzies you'll need:


Stirring spoons or spatulas
A one litre bowl
Disposable gloves are useful to protect your hands from the colour
Some paper towel on a baking tray to unmould the fizzies onto

Chill Pill Bath Bomb Fizzies Tutorial

Method for 4 Chill Pills:

  • Set out the ingredients, equipment and moulds, ready to go
  • Sieve the Bicarbonate of Soda and Citric acid into the bowl, and then add the Kaolin Clay and Epsom salts and mix with spoon until combined

Chill Pill Bath Bomb Fizzies Tutorial

  • Time for colour!
  • Important note on colour:  All our colours are concentrated! The fizzy mixture will have virtually no colour until you spritz the water! Don't be fooled into over colouring, otherwise you will see a ring on your bath later!
  • To avoid this, dilute the colour in some distilled water or glycerine before dripping in. These bombs have 5 drops of colour in the whole mixture. Don't Colour Bomb your Bath!

Chill Pill Bath Bomb Fizzies Tutorial

  • Now put on your gloves and really work the colour through the mixture, like making breadcrumbs
  • After you have a very pale mixture it's time to add the fragrance
  • The amount of fragrance will vary depending on your preference, but I use approximately 2 g/ml (2 droppers) per batch of 4 fizzies
  • Quickly work this through the mixture
  • Now begin spritzing the water through, all the time mixing with your hand, and it will at first be quite dry, and look like the picture 

Chill Pill Bath Bomb Fizzies Tutorial

  • And then suddenly, you'll see when you squeeze the mixture it will look like this! This means it's ready, even though it still looks quite powdery in the bowl

Chill Pill Bath Bomb Fizzies Tutorial

  • It's now ready to fill the moulds. If you notice a drop in temperature of the mixture earlier than this, it's a sure sign it's time to mould
  • Start to fill the mould, in three portions REALLY PRESSING FIRMLY into the mould each time

Chill Pill Bath Bomb Fizzies Tutorial

  • You can see from (1) and (2) a difference in the colour. In fact there is no difference! No. 2 has more moisture spritzed on it, and so therefore you are starting to dilute the colour, like you would in the bath

Chill Pill Bath Bomb Fizzies Tutorial

  • Yes, it does still happen occasionally! The trick to the best unmoulding is ideal moisture coupled with NOT leaving the bombs in the moulds for more than a few minutes. This is different to soap, the fizzies are nearly impossible to unmould easily if left in the mould for hours
  • To unmould, hold the mould by one side only and "whack" the far side (away from you) on the table, and the fizzy will pop out onto the tray
  • If you are working quickly, gather the crumbs up re-mix in your bowl and press back into the mould. You can also see the texture appears slightly coarse - this is because of the Epsom Salts, which dissolve readily in the bath water

Chill Pill Bath Bomb Fizzies Tutorial

  • Done! Keep away from moisture and humidity. You can place in individual bags, shrink wrap or store in a jar

Here are our suggestions for Relaxing scents for Chill Pills, but of course there are loads more!

French Lavender Essential Oil
English Lavender Essential Oil
Chamomile 3% Organic Essential Oil
Float Essential Oil Blend
Calm Essential Oil Blend
Relax Essential Oil Blend
Lavender Fragrance
Lavender Chamomile, Huggies Type
Lavender & Herb Fragrance
Lavender & Green Tea Fragrance
Lavender Forest Fragrance

Purchase all you need in the Kit Here and you are all ready to go!