Cashmere Fragrance

Cashmere Fragrance
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You need this fragrance in your collection!  Bramble Berry's Cashmere Fragrance is a complex blend of magnolia, lily, blueberry, white freesia and violet with balancing notes of wild grape, pomegranate, green vines and of course cashmere.

Cashmere Fragrance smells amazing in hand crafted soap, lotion, and body butter and more.

See Soap Queen's Oat & Cashmere LotionTutorial HERE and Cashmere Sugar Body Scrub HERE

Usage amount:  Enter the total weight of your product recipe into the Bramble Berry's Fragrance Calculator for light, medium, and strong recommendations.

Soaping Notes:  In Cold Process Soap this fragrance accelerates in cold process soap. It discolors tan.

Vanilla Content: 3%
Graphics showing vanilla discolouration can be found here
Flashpoint: 200ºF +
This fragrance is phthalate free

We now offer 500ml size Fragrances in HDPE Bottles and Large Pouches to help save freight to remote zones. It is important to decant the Fragrance into Amber Glass for storage

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Cashmere Fragrance
Short Description

What Bramble Berry Customers say about Cashmere Fragrance:

"Better than an imitation!  Since this wasn't listed as an "imitation" scent, I wasn't really sure what to expect, but it does remind me very much of the Donna Karan "Cashmere Mist" deodorant scent, only better! It's a bit spicier, and works wonderfully with the aluminum-free deodorant base for a "healthy dupe." (I'n not a fan of essential oil scents for deodorants.) It would also be wonderful for soaps and lotions.

"Cashmere.  Love this fragrance. I love the whole collection"

Sweet and Elegant.  This is one of my top favorites of the Hygge Collection. A sweet sophisticated scent that worked perfectly with my delicate hanger swirls in my cold process soap. Discolored to a tan even though using TD in the base. Overall a very lovely fragrance would use again."

"Cashmere. I love all the fragrances from the Hygge Collection, but this one is my favorite. This scent is comfort to me! It smells amazing! I was expecting it to accelerate as noted, so I used some of the batch oils to temper it and soaped in the low 90’s Fahrenheit. I didn’t stick blend; I stirred and there was no acceleration. I had to use a mini mixer to get it to trace. I added titanium dioxide to the whole batch so I could color it. It hasn’t discolored at all. It behaved well and it’s a lovely scent. I would definitely recommend."

"A calming unisex scent.  This is a beautiful, soft, calm fragrance. I expereinced very little acceleration soaping at room temperature. I achieved a beautiful cream color with titanium dioxide."

INCI Fragrance
Melt & Pour Soap Yes, may discolour, use an equal amount of Vanilla Colour Stabiliser to tame that tan!
Type Yes
Vanilla Content 3%
Phthalate Free Yes
Flashpoint °C or °F >200°F+, 93°C
OOB information, morphing No morphing
Cold Process Soap Yes, does discolour tan, with some acceleration. Don't discount the water, soap cool and use Titanium Dioxide to lessen the vanilla discolouration.
Candles Yes
Bath Bombs, Bath Fizzies, Bath Oils etc Yes
Household products (sprays, cleaners, pot pourri etc) Yes
Body Scrubs, Lotions & Moisturisers Yes
Liquid Soap, Body Wash, Hair Care Yes