Carpet Refresher Powder
  • Difficulty Beginner
  • Time 15 mins


Hand Made Melt & Pour Soaps

Carpets and rugs can become tired and let's be honest, just a bit "on the nose" after a while, particularly if you have furry friends in the house and sweaty teenage feet on your carpets and rugs.

You can give your carpeted areas a freshen up with this economical Carpet Refresher Powder.

We recommend you do a spot test on a corner or in a spot to test your carpet for colour fastness.

Degree of Difficulty: Beginner

You'll Need

1/2 Cup Bicarbonate of Soda
1 tablespoon Natrasorb Bath
30 Drops Lavender Essential Oil
30 Drops Valencia Orange Essential Oil
2 x Powder Shakers


30 Drops Lavender Essential Oil
30 Drops Lime Distilled Essential Oil



Combine Essential Oils and Natrasorb Bath together in a ceramic or pyrex jug (or other vessel you use for bath and body products)
The stir in the Bicarbonate of Soda pressing out any lumps with the back of the mixing spoon
Place mixture into powder shakers, label and allow to sit for a day before use

To Use

Sprinkle thinly across the rug or carpet and leave for 30 minutes. Then vacuum away. Naturally less odour!