Caramel Vanilla Bath Fizzy Tablets
  • Difficulty Experienced Beginner
  • Time 1 hour
  • Yields 10 fizzies


Caramel Vanilla Bath Fizzy Tablets 

Our Caramel Vanilla Bath Fizzies are scented with Warm Vanilla Sugar fragrance and are coloured with Caramel Mediterranean Clay – they smell amazing!  Although they are noted as intermediate level of difficulty, if you have made any Bath Bombs or fizzies before, this project will be totally doable for you.

Warm Vanilla Sugar Fragrance may discolour fizzies (as well as soap) so I add the Vanilla Colour Stabliser to prevent this.



  • 2 large mixing bowls or jugs
  • Sieve, helpful but optional
  • Scales, preferably digital
  • Spatulas, spoons etc
  • Disposable gloves for hand mixing
  • Spritz Bottle with distilled water, spring water or witchazel
  • 1 dropper or Disposable Pipette


  • Sift or sieve the Citric Acid and Bicarbonate of Soda into a bowl and stir thoroughly
  • In the smaller jug add Fragrance or Essential Oil to the Natrasorb Bath (2 to 4 tablespoons is plenty) and stir through well until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs
  • Combine the Citric and Bicarb mixture and the fragrance mixture together in the large bowl and stir to combine well
  • Next start to blend the batch with your hands (gloves on!) spritzing with water or witchazel – about 4 “spritzes” at a time.  Don't use too much spray or you will activate the bomb mixture!  The mixture should ALWAYS feel dry.
  • At this point place half the mixture into the smaller jug and add 1 - 2 teaspoons Caramel Clay (5 to 10g) and mix through thoroughly.  Check this mixture for moisture content.  If that is still fine, re-check the white portion for moisture (this kind of depends on how fast you work and the ambient temperature of your work space) .
  • Watch out for a temperature drop in the mixture – this is the point when you have added enough moisture – it will suddenly feel cold
  • The mixture should hold together when squeezed VERY firmly in your hand, and should feel a little dry – if it feels moist it will start to activate.  Patience is the key!
  • Now on to moulding, you are nearly there! 
  • Add a teaspoon of each colour mixture into the mould bases, pressing it down firmly.  Continue this until you have filled the mould. Pack the mixture slowly and VERY tightly, working in random layers.
  • When you have filled the mould, use the back of a spoon to compress and smooth the surface down nice and flat.  Brush out into granules from the rim.
  • Beware of open doors and humidity, both will tend to activate the unsealed bombs and unused mixture
  • Done!  Pop on the lid and make a swing tag or label .

Caramel Vanilla Bath Fizzy Tablets


Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Caramel Vanilla Bath Fizzy Tablets
Palm Free Icon Yes
Difficulty Experienced Beginner
Yields 10 fizzies

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How to make Caramel Vanilla Bath Fizzies

Pipettes - Disposable 5 pack

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How to make Caramel Vanilla Bath Fizzies

Bicarbonate of Soda 1kg

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How to make Caramel Vanilla Bath Fizzies

Citric Acid 500g

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How to make Caramel Vanilla Bath Fizzies

Disc Mould Pack - 10 pack

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How to make Caramel Vanilla Bath Fizzies

Caramel Vanilla Bath Fizzy Tablets Tutorial PDF

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How to make Caramel Vanilla Bath Fizzies

Natrasorb Bath 100g

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How to make Caramel Vanilla Bath Fizzies

Clay - Mediterranean Caramel 100g

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