Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Confusion Book


Make your own natural shampoo and hair conditioners

We produced our bookl as a Beginner Guide to assist customers to get started making and formulating their own Handmade Natural Shampoo, Bubble Bath, Shower Wash, Hair Conditioners and other foamy stuff (like bubble bars and foaming bath milks).

You'll be in control of what you put into your products, and of course what you leave out!  If you just want a simple recipe to follow, you can do just that, or you can gain a deeper understanding of shampoo and hair conditioning ingredients and formulas and tweak our formulas until they meet your specific preferences.

Topics covered in the book include basic information on Surfactants and their uses, how surfactants actually clean, basic chemistry (if you wish to know!), anatomy of the hair, moisturising hair ingredients, how pH affects the hair, preservation, overviews on each surfactant, how to build a shampoo, equipment required, scenting, formulating, adding fragrance, adjusting thickness and lather and so much more.

Loads of formulas for:

Basic and Advanced Shampoos – for all levels of experience
Baby Wash Formulas
Easy Bubble Baths
Body Wash
Facial Cleansers
Hand Cleansers
Bubble Bars and other fun stuff
Foaming Bath Milks & Bubbling Fizzies
Easy Wash Massage Oil and Blooming Bath Oils
Shaving Cream (or Creamy, Scoopable Cleanser)
Solid Shampoo Bars
Lots of Hair Conditioners
And even a Beer Shampoo!

You can purchase the Bubble Bubble Toil and Confusion Book here as well as our Making your own Moisturisers Book and save!