Bramble Berry Fragrances - Citral Shortage Update


What you need to know about the recent citral shortage.

Due to a shortage of an aroma chemical called citral, Bramble Berry are temporarily reformulating some of their fragrance oils.

Many of you will already be aware that late last year there was a fire in a manufacturing plant that creates ingredients for fragrances.
This incident meant an immediate stop to citral production.

What Does This Mean for You?

Rather than putting the fragrances out of stock, Bramble Berry's vendors are reformulating their fragrances. They're working hard to make them as close to the original scent as possible.
However, some may smell slightly different and may perform differently in cold process soap as well.

This will affect the fragrances during 2018 and 2019.

Bramble Berry have taken pro-active steps and are reformulating fragrances that are dependant on citral as one of the citrus note ingredients.
In order to keep you updated and enable you to plan ahead for shortages of many fragrances, we are passing on Bramble Berry's
updates as frequently as possible.

Bramble Berry have created a full listing of which fragrances are and which are not affected.

In order for our customers to have the most recent information we will bew listing the direct links to the fragrance lists on Bramble Berry's website.


 Reformulated Fragrances      Unaffected Fragrances 
Energy Fragrance
Sugar Plum Fairy/Jelly Bean Fragrance Yacht Club
Please note:  Aussie Soap Supplies do not always stock identical fragrance lines, however, we ONLY stock Bramble Berry Fragrances.  Not all our fragrances are, or will be affected.  The full list of reformulations is listed on the link below. 
  As we open each new drum of fragrance, if it is affected you will see a notation on the fragrance listing page (where you select the size) and also, the bottle will be labelled as a reformulated scent. 


You can also go directly to Bramble Berry's Plan of Action Page with further information