Blueberry Jam Fragrance

Blueberry Jam Fragrance

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A delightfully sticky and sweet blueberry scent mingles with orange zest, blueberry leaf and a pinch of spice. The heart of this fragrance features blueberries, sweet almond, marionberries and sheer rose followed by a touch of soft musk.

You can see Soap Queen's Blueberry Jam Sugar Scrub tutorial here

Soaping Notes:  This fragrance accelerates trace in cold process soap, and discolours light tan.

This fragrance draws straight 5 star reviews on Bramble Berry, check out the more info tab:

Soaping Notes:  This fragrance performs beautifully in cold process soap with no acceleration or discolouration.

Vanilla Content:  0.0% (This still discolours just a tad)
Flashpoint: 181°F
Read about Vanilla Discolouration here
This fragrance is phthalate free

We now offer 500ml size Fragrances in HDPE Bottles and pouches to help save freight to remote zones. It is important to decant the Fragrance into Amber Glass for storage

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Blueberry Jam Fragrance
Short Description

This fragrance draws straight 5 star reviews on Bramble Berry:

"FO in Cold Process Soap: This FO performed nicely with no acceleration, no ricing, discoloration! I was so pleased with how this performed! Also OOB it smells like grape but don't be discouraged if this happens to you because in my soap it smells like you are eating blueberry jam! Also this FO does great when mixed with other smells we mixed this with Lemongrass EO and Eucalyptus EO (I know sounds weird but smells great!)"

"Yum Yum! Lovely blueberry scent that pops with the hint of the orange zest. It's fresh and bright. Behaves wonderfully too in my CP soap with no discoloration. Love it!"

"Amazing!!! I have purchased several berry FO's and nothing has compared to this one ...fresh picked blueberry with a touch of sweetness, and it soaps like a charm in cold process... I will never buy from anyone else again for this scent and it's a permanent soap fragrance in my line now... Thank you Brambleberry!!! Love it"

INCI Fragrance
Lip Balm No
Top Notes Orange zest and blueberry leaf
Middle Notes Blueberries, sweet almond, marionberries and sheer rose
Base Notes Soft musk and a touch of spice
Melt & Pour Soap Yes
Vanilla Content Nil - does discolour a tad in soap
Phthalate Free Yes
Flashpoint °C or °F 181°F / 82.8°C
Cold Process Soap This fragrance performs beautifully, and does not discolour in CP soap.
Bath Bombs, Bath Fizzies, Bath Oils etc Yes
Household products (sprays, cleaners, pot pourri etc) Yes
Body Scrubs, Lotions & Moisturisers Yes
Liquid Soap, Body Wash, Hair Care Yes