Sneak Peek! LOADS of new stuff this year, and the first is due to dock in Fremantle at the end of February!

Sneak Peak

A project we've had on the go for many, many months now, is expanding our range of cute and novelty Lip Balm Pots.
Really excited now, when you receive the documentation to advise the shipment is just off the coast, you know all your planning is coming to fruition!

New this year too! 

Shrink Wrap Bands - to tamper-tel your lip products and tubes

Sneak Peak Shrink Bands

Organic and nearly Organic Liquid Bases

New Liquid Bases

We have several new liquid bases being manufactured for us, and these should be arriving in a couple of months.  Very natural, high in organic ingredients these formulations have come through testing with flying colours.

And of course, I'm grabbing any spare time to be in the Soap Lab as much as I can :)