Caring for Flexible, Silicone Moulds

Caring for Flexible, Silicone Moulds

You’ll find a longer article in the resource pages in our Learning Library with Soap Queen’s tips as well as our tips for our Budget-Wise Silicone Moulds.

Most importantly is to keep all sharp implements right away!

If you have trouble unmoulding, the freezer is a better option.  I know this by experience, just the once, I was too lazy to go and find my plastic spatula, so I grabbed my knife I use to dice Melt and Pour Soap, and yes, you know the tale, I sliced straight on through my Silicone Regular Loaf Mould, and that type of mould is actually a fair bit thicker than the Budget-Wise range.  So NO KNIVES!

All moulds do better if washed in warm soapy water, though they can often take the temperature of a dishwasher, it’s best to give them a soak and wash by hand – if they move around, or aren’t placed properly they will be pulled out of shape.

You can easily loosen the sides of the mould by gently allowing some air down the sides, to break the air lock, and then the soap is much easier to remove without deforming the mould.  If you are a CP-er, you’ll need to leave the soap a LOT longer than you are used to, here is a picture of our trial batch taken out of the slab mould 3 days after pouring – it’s soft – too soft – to unmould!  The inclusion of Sodium Lactate helps with this issue, but soft Cold Process Soap takes a lot longer to be firm enough to unmould without stretching or damage if left a week or so.  This is because there is no evaporation from the soap except on the one surface (the top) so it may look firm and ready to gio, but a gentle prod with your finger will let you know it’s not!

You can use the freezer on cold process soap too, but do allow the frozen mould (and soap) to sit on your bench 5 minutes after taking it out of the freezer so avoid “snapping” the mould.

That longer article (again) is here:  Learning Library with Soap Queen’s tips and our tips for caring for Silicone Moulds.


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