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Clay……..on my skin???

Yes you heard right, in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last, I don’t know (few centuries!) you will have heard of or come across clay in skincare at some point. Clays are a household item in the “spa world” and with different clays to suit all different skin types there is no excuse in finding a clay that fits your specific skin care requirements.

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Due to their calming/drawing/hydrating/toning/soothing and stimulating nature, clays are super versitile. With a myriad of applications whether it be in soap, facial masks or spa remedies, there is a clay for every occasion!


Clay masks have become a huge part of our daily skin care routines. With DIY spa remedies on the rise, it has never been easier to feel the benefits of clay. With their ability to absorb impurities and heal our skin, the benefits of clay have been around since ancient times and for good reason. Here are just a few!

Clean and refine the pores

Tightens and Tones


Mineral Treatment

Preservative Free* As long as we are storing our clay treatments dry with no liquid elements added, then there is no need to add a preservative which gives you total control of what gets put on your skin!


Green Frenchpinkslateyellow

With so many great clay products on the shelves here at Aussie Soap Supplies I like to try a different one each week! White Clays are firming and tightening and very gentle on delicate facial skin and the Pale Pink Clay calms, soothes and heals sensitive or reddened skin. The Golden Spa Minerals are detoxifying and will draw out impurities. Even better, the natural cosmetic clays on offer have no additives, are vegan, and are soy/sulphate/paraben/PEG/Phthalate/GMO/Additive/ and cruelty free! But for everything that the clays are not, they sure do have a lot to offer and a lot for us to gain! Here are just a few types on offer, browse our website for more!

  • Bentonite – a highly absorbent, swelling clay that draws oils and toxins, tightens and tones
  • White (Aussie) – mild and soothing, this clay is suitable for dry skin
  • Golden Spa Minerals (Aussie) – suitable for all skin types and is a powerful deep cleanser
  • Green (French) – for oily, acne prone and congested skin
  • Red (Mediterranean) – the darkest in colour, this warm clay soothes and revives the skin
  • Dusky Rose (Mediterranean) – this superfine, pale dusky rose clay is used for extra-sensitive and mature skin
  • Caramel (Mediterranean) – improves the tone and texture of the skin, giving firmness and helping to prevent flaccidity. Useful for all skin types particularly recommended for mature skin
  • Purple (Brazilian) – useful for all skin types particularly recommended for mature skin, firming and smoothing.
Want the lowdown on clay types suited for your skin concerns? Check out our handy summary list below:
  • Oily Skin: Bentonite, Rhassoul, Greens, Reds, White Clays and Zeolites
  • Dry Skin: Zeolites, White, Pink, Yellow and Red Clays in a Blend
  • Combination Skin (Oily and Dry): Blends of clays and minerals including white clay
  • Sensitive/Delicate Skin: White, Pink, Zeolites, Rhassoul, Caramel Mediterranean Clays
  • Blotchy/Sallow/Lacking in Colour Skin: Green, Pink, Zeolites, Purple and Yellow Clays.
  • Acne Prone Skin: Rhassoul as a first preference, Zeolites, Bentonite and Green Clays.

Did you know that Spa Minerals are more active than regular clays? Good news is that we stock them too. You can find them HERE. Next time you are experimenting, why not add some Spa Minerals to your recipe to activate the clay further and give your facial mask an extra kick!


Face Clay

Being Super Soaper Sally is hard work sometimes and there is nothing I like better than to kick back and indulge in a little DIY spa. For some well deserved time out, I suggest applying your face mask in the bath! Shut the door on the world, light some candles, apply the masque, lie back with a glass of wine (if that is your tipple) and drift away whilst the mask dries on your face. Once you rinse it off into the bath water, the minerals will do the rest of your body good too!

Remember when I said DIY spa doesn’t have to be hard? Well it really isn’t with this basic method! All you need to remember is the 50 : 50 rule. So equal quantities of clay to water (spring or distilled are the purest) or for an extra touch of decadence why not add one of our many Floral Waters to the mix? My favourite is Rose Floral Water.  🙂 So for example 100g of clay to 100ml of water.

There are two ways to hydrate clays: either add the clay over the water or pour the water over the clay. Refrain from stirring! This will lead to lumps and bumps which is super frustrating. Different clays have different absorbency levels so some might take longer to absorb than others. Generally, we are aiming for a smooth paste consistency. Et Voila! Smother that clay alllllll over! Only leave mud masks on the face for as long as it takes to dry. We don’t want it to make the skin too dry if left on any longer.

TIP: If you are making a DIY clay body wrap, why not rinse off into the bath and then soak in the mineral enriched water for a double dose of mineral goodness! How good does that sound!


Just a word of caution to those with hypertension, heart concerns or diabetes. Probably best to check with your health care professional to see if clays are a-ok for you.

All you lovely glowing mummas out there, if you are currently pregnant and want to try out clay facial masks, just keep in mind that your skin is likely to be more sensitive during this time.

Any one preppin’ for a big event such a school ball or wedding, should probably skip the facial masks within a week of your important event. Just in case of any lingering redness!

And most importantly, we do not recommend internal consumption of our cosmetic clays!

TIP: It is best to AVOID applying a new face mask or facial treatment within one week of an important event (such as a Year 12 Ball or a wedding) just in case! You can often experience some slight redness for the first 24 hours whilst the skin de-toxes and settles again.


clay book

We have only just scratched te (clay!) surface here with this blog post. Intrigued to find out more? For more information on clays, their applications and further recipes our resident soaper and founder Jude Birch has written her very own easy to follow book giving insight into clay in skincare all in the one spot!  An in depth look into which clays do what, step by step instructions, recipes for face, body and bath will get you full bottle and ready to experiment!



clay samplerA Girl’s night is not complete without some pamper time! Next time you are organising one, why not grab our Clay Sampler. There will be a clay to suit the skin needs of every one of your girlfriends #pampernight! For the friend who has oily skin, queue French Green Clay or for our dry skinned friends, Aussie White Clay to the rescue!




Oaty Goat Clay

Oaty Goat Facial Mask

Green Tea Clay
Oat Cucumber and Green Tea Face Mask

Buttermilk and Rose Bath Soak

Buttermilk Clay and Rose Bath Soak

Gentle Almond and Clay Cleanser

Gentle Almond and Clay Cleanser

Choc Oat YoghurtChoc-Oat Yoghurt Mask

Caramel Clay Bath Fizzies

Caramel Vanilla Bath Fizzies

Clay in Soap

Clays provide a natural colourant option for a soap making application in both
Melt and Pour Soap and Cold Process Soap.

cherry mp clay
Cherry Blossom and Clay Cocoa Butter Melt and Pour Soap

Hemp and Sea Clay Cold Processed Spa Soap


It’s a big thumbs up from us. Whether it be a facial mask, soap bar, body wrap, scrub or soak. If clays in skin care have been on your to-try list for a while, now is the perfect time to give them a go. May your spa filled days ahead be luxurious and plentiful in the comfort of your very own home!

Remember if you have any queries don’t hesitate to email in and ask me!

Happy Shopping!



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