Soap Caves in France

As some of you know I attend In-Cosmetics Global when possible (which is a leading event for personal care ingredients) and when it is held in France, well, it doesn’t hurt to add a little investigative tourism onto my work!  Like many things, soap sales are aimed fairly and squarely at tourists in France, however, you do find pockets of hand crafted soap in the big commercial shops, or in a small shop where you can see the soaper has Continue reading “Soap Caves in France”

This Is Us

Hi Soapers,

Our first blog post for 2019 and in fact our first blog post in our brand spanking new blog! What better way to kick off the new year than to share with you how Aussie Soap Supplies came about (18 years ago!) and what drives us and our business today.

Continue reading “This Is Us”

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