Pucker Up

Hi Soapy lovers, Super Soaper Sally (SSS) here,

There are times where our lips need a little more attention and TLC. With cooler temperatures on the way, this month’s spotlight is on lips and prepping them to stay smooth and hydrated all year round. Did you know that your lips don’t have any sebaceous glands? Yep that’s right. No wonder they often become dry and chapped – cue lip balm!

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Slay with Clay

Clay……..on my skin???

Yes you heard right, in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last, I don’t know (few centuries!) you will have heard of or come across clay in skincare at some point. Clays are a household item in the “spa world” and with different clays to suit all different skin types there is no excuse in finding a clay that fits your specific skin care requirements.

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