Bath Bomb Surprise
  • Difficulty Intermediate
  • Time 45 mins
  • Yields 14 -16



This Butterfly Sparkle Surprise Soap Queen Tutorial is an update on the previous embedded
toy tutorial and shows more of the technique with graphics.

Butterfly Sparkle Surprise Bath Bomb Tutorial Here 

Bramble Berry's Bath Bomb Surprise

If you would like to make these fun Bath Fizzies, you’ll find full instructions with Pictures on
"The Soap Queen Blogspot."

Bath Bomb Surprise Tutorial is here
There's even a video with the finished Duckie in action!

Don't worry too much about the special mould, short lengths of PVC pipe cut into short lengths work a treat!

You'll find our Duckies here.

NOTE:  Our new ducks are twice the size of our
original ducklings and will be too large
for this project.  You can still make it using
our Goldfish or other small toys you have.