Australian Labelling Information and Regulatory Bodies


Legislation affecting those selling soap and cosmetics


NICNAS has finally completed the long awaited Reform of Legislation Governing the Sale of Soap and Cosmetics in Australia. Please visit the links below for full information.  (NICNAS are constantly changing their links, so though updated in May 2017, it probably won't be long  before they are out of date! 
Just go to their website and search the read the specific links.

We are unable to help our customers personally regarding these kind of issues, please follow the links and/or speak with the departments concerned.

NICNAS Soap & Cosmetics information page

Who and What is NICNAS?

Do you need to register your business with NICNAS?

Specifically on Soap Making

If you can't work through the NICNAS website and the new Registration and/or Legislation,
you can give them a call on: Free Call 1800 638 528

Therapeutic Goods Administration has Cosmetic Claims Guidelines for toiletries and information regarding using Aromatherapy oils in medicated soaps and cosmetics.

This page has specific information regarding what you can and can't claim about your products - Cosmetic Claims Information.  If you are after something else the  TGA's  A - Z  Guide will help.

TGA Complementary Medicine Information
has lots of information.

Cosmetics Info Org Website
. VERY useful for the beginner and experienced alike. A searchable informational Web site (US Based) that includes easy to read factual, scientific information on ingredients most commonly used in cosmetics and personal care products regarding their use and safety.

The Product Safety Australia Web site - Mandatory labelling requirements for cosmetic products in Australia.

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission's (ACCC) Product Safety Web site is also useful for labelling information (mandatory labelling requirements for cosmetic products in Australia) and all the basics as well as a downloadable PDF guide.

The ACCC's Cosmetic Labelling Standards Guide

The ACCC's  Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) efficacy - PubMed abstract

CAS and EINIC's #'s here on the EU CosIng search engine, also INCI names.

EU CosIng (searchable INCI Name website) for Food ingredients

EU CosIng (searchable INCI Name website)