Argan and Oat Hair Conditioner
  • Difficulty Intermediate
  • Time 1 hour
  • Yields 600g


Argan and Oat Hair Conditioner

I wanted to play with Argan Oil, with it's great reputation for all sorts of skin and hair care applications, and conditioners being such a favourite of mine to formulate, I combined Oliv Wax LQC, Oat Extract, Sodium Lactate Plus and Vitamin E. This is nice dispensed from a Pump Bottle or a Stubby Bottle with a flip lid as it's one of my lighter conditioner formulas. I scented it with Violet Fragrance (like the one you see advertised on television so much and though not a floral person as a rule I do like it!

Equipment you'll need:

1 Pyrex or Microwave Safe jug - 1 litre size
1 Pyrex or microwave safe jug - 250 - 500ml size
Stick Blender or small electric balloon whisk - this must sit UNDER the surface of the mixture
Small hand whisk, spatulas etc

Argan Oat Hair Conditioner

Phase A

  • 516g Distilled Water (86%)

Phase B

Phase C

Phase D

  • 2.4g Liquid Germall Plus (0.4%) - I used Liquid Germall Plus, but you can also use Phenoserve (0.75%), or use Geogard Ultra (1.0%)
  • Up to 4g Violet Fragrance or Essential Oils of choice (0.6%) – adjust to suit- add slowly and sniff as you go!

    Argan and Oat Hair Conditioner


  • Prepare ingredients and work space so you have everything to hand

  • Measure the Distilled Water in a large (1 Litre) Pyrex or microwave safe jug

  • Heat in microwave to 75°C

  • Now place Phase B Ingredients into a smaller jug and heat in microwave to 70°C

  • Once removed from heat, check the water jug temperature has not dropped below 70°C and then combine Phase A (water phase) and Phase B (Oil Phase) and give a few blasts with the stick blender. Continue to mix intermittently Use a stick blender held well down under the surface to ensure a smooth mixture without introducing any air into the emulsion. Pulse several times until you see the mixture come together

Argan Oat Hair Conditioner

  • Mix periodically until the mixture cools to approximately 40°C

  • During cool down, give one or two zaps on the stick blender, and switch to a balloon whisk if necessary to ensure the mixture maintains a smooth, creamy consistency

  • Now add Hydrolyzed Oats/Oat Extract/Nettle Extract and combine well

  • Add the preservative (Liquid Germall Plus), and then the Essential Oils or Violet Fragrance

  • Allow to sit to cool completely before piping into the bottles - though you can of course test it immediately!

 Argan Oat Hair Conditioner       Argan Oat Hair Conditioner

  • Label and seal bottles when completely cold


  • The stabiliser in this formula use a liquid crystal system and over zealous stick blending will cause this to break down over time.

  • If you want to increase moisturising properties further, increase the Hydrolyzed Oats and add some dl Panthenol, and decrease the water content accordingly.

  • To see our recommended suggestions to scent surfactant and hair products, you can see them here

  • If using Geogard Ultra you'll need hydrate and set aside, and also test the pH of the conditioner and adjust with citric acid until you achieve a pH of 4.5 - 5