Adding Fragrance or Essential Oils to our Pre-made Skincare Bases

Adding fragrance to lotions

Many customers prefer to use our pre-made bases rather than formulating from scratch as they are no fuss, ready to use and are unscented, ready to personalise – so this will guide you when adding the fragrance or essential oils.

When adding ingredients to pre-made bases there is a limited amount of additives that can be added without creating an imbalance in the recipe, or compromising the preservation system.

It is also safest not to re-heat an emulsion for the same reason - this is called "cold processing". (NOTE: Our new Body Butter Base is able to be heated and has it's own page of processing information.

Our Soothing and Luxury Moisturiser Bases are suitable for re-packing into either Malibu Tubes, jars or tubs.   Our new Body Butter Base is quite thick - we suggest you package it into our Wide Necked Jars or Double Wall Jars. 

These suggestions are for 500ml/g of Moisturiser or Body Butter.  If using Malibu Tubes it can be useful to "pipe" the lotion into the narrow necked tube - instructions are here

Makes 2 x 250g Jars or 5 x 100g Jars or 10 x 50g Jars

Step One:  Place 500g base into a clean bowl or pyrex jug - so that you have sufficient space to mix the base to incorprate the fragrance thoroughly

Step Two:  Drip Fragrance and/or Essential Oils into the jug - count the drops to ensure you don't over-scent - you can add more if required.

Step Three:  Hand stir these in very thoroughly

Step Four:  If using herbal extracts and/or vitamins, add these now and stir well to combine

Step Five:  If adding colour in the form of Liquid Dispersions, Mica or glitter add these cautiously!  Hand stir these in very thoroughly ensuring there are no lumps.

Step Six:  Spoon into Wide Neck Tubs or Pots and seal.  Label with list of additives and fragrance.

Important Note:  Some Essential Oils and Fragrances are very strong, so start very low, and have a gentle sniff, and adjust up to the maximum as necessary.

We suggest the following dilution ratio's for safe usage:

5 - 20 drops per 100g for our unscented Skincare Bases for Face (0.25% - 1.0%) - even less for sensitive skin
20 - 40 drops per 100g for our unscented Skincare Bases for Body (1 - 2%)

*For facial use, we recommend using 0.25%, and check if it strong enough in scent for you.

1 - 2.5% for Foot Butters - this is 5 to 12g (1 to 2 1/2 teaspoons)

You'll find Ziplock Bags listed on our Containers and Packaging section listed under "Bags".