Body Butter Base Processing Information

Body Butter Base 

Many customers prefer to use our pre-made bases rather than formulating from scratch as they are no fuss, ready to use and are unscented, ready to personalise.  This will guide you when adding  additives, fragrance or essential oils to our Body Butter Base, which is slightly different to our other bases as you can warm the base and not compromise the preservative system.  This base has been formulated specifically to be heated and still stay safe for you and your customers.

Our new Body Butter Base is quite thick - we suggest you package it into our Wide Necked Jars or Double Wall Jars.

These suggestions are for 500g of Body Butter Base using a microwave to heat the base. 

Makes 2 x 250g Jars or 5 x 100g Jars or 10 x 50g Jars

Step One:  Place 500g base into a clean bowl or pyrex jug - so that you have sufficient space to mix the base to incorprate the fragrance thoroughly

Step Two:  Place the jug into the microwave and begin heating on medium - medium high.  Heat in 30 - 45 second bursts, remove from microwave, stir thoroughly, check the temperature and repeat until the base is 50 - 60°C. (If you neglect to stir the base will not remain smooth and homogenous.

Body Butter Base

Step Three:   If using herbal extracts and/or vitamins, add these now and stir well to combine thoroughly

Step Four:  Drip Fragrance and/or Essential Oils into the jug - count the drops to ensure you don't over-scent - you can add more if preferred

Step Five:   You will see the difference in the texture after the liquid ingredients are added

Body Butter Base

Step Six : If adding colour in the form of Liquid Dispersions, mica or glitter add these cautiously!  Hand stir these in very thoroughly ensuring there are no lumps.

Step Seven: 
Continue stirring until it cools to approximately 50 - 55°C.

Step Eight: 
Spoon into Wide Neck Tubs or jars and seal.  Label with list of additives and fragrance.

Important Note:  Some Essential Oils and Fragrances are very strong, so start very low, and have a gentle sniff, and adjust up to the maximum as necessary.

We suggest the following dilution ratio's for safe usage:

5 - 20 drops per 100g for our unscented Skincare Bases for Face (0.25% - 1.0%) - even less for sensitive skin
20 - 40 drops per 100g for our unscented Skincare Bases for Body (1 - 2%)

*For facial use, we recommend using 0.25%, and check if it strong enough in scent for you.

1 - 2.5% for Foot Butters - this is 5 to 12g (1 to 2 1/2 teaspoons)

You'll find Ziplock Bags listed on our Containers and Packaging section listed under "Bags".