3D Mould - Celtic Rectangle

3D Mould - Celtic Rectangle
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This beautiful Celtic Rectangle 3D Mould design has been adapted from Illustrations in the 7th Century Lindisfarne Gospels (in the British Library, London). The reverse of the bar is a smooth, rounded rectangle.

Cavities: 1
Soap weight: 130g approximately
Dimensions:   approximately 9cm Diameter x 3cm Deep

See full usage information and using our Soap Ropes HERE

Our 3D Moulds are made of WHITE Polystyrene plastic. This is a durable material with a very high tear resistance, plus it has an anti-wetting property which greatly helps in the release of many soap bases, especially Cold Processed Soap, and it imparts a high gloss finish on the soap.

Our White 3D designer Soap Moulds are used to create professional, double-sided, Melt & Pour Soaps and also Cold Processed Soaps.  Each two-part 3D soap mould features a convenient built-in funnel to facilitate filling and precision keys designed to align and lock the two mould halves together.  Each mould is supplied with heavy duty elastic bands to ensure it holds tight when upright and filled with soap.  The finished profile allows easy trimming of the finished cast for a neat and professional finish.  These may be used for traditional bar soaps, or team them with a Soap Rope for stunning effect!  

You'll find our 3D Mould Usage Tips and Soap Rope Tutorial Here and 3D Mould Soap on a Rope - SQ Video Tutorial here

Note:  September 2018.  The manufacturer is no longer producing these 3Dmoulds, so once sold out we are unable to restock.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Name 3D Mould - Celtic Rectangle
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This beautiful mould design has been adapted from illustrations in the 7th Century Lindisfarne Gospels (in the British Library, London).

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