Wick HTP104

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Wick HTP104

Our Pre-tabbed HTP 104 wicks are best suited to use with Soy Wax and Beeswax and are manufactured specifically for use with these waxes. They are pre-waxed which means no priming - they are ready to use!  They are Zinc and lead free.  Suitable for medium container candles, votives and tins. Each wick measures 15cm.

This size is suitable for containers measuring approximately 7.5 - 9cm (3 - 3.5") diameter.

Don't forget, with wicks and fragrance, testing with your specific components is essential. Even a change in fragrance or colour may result in a different burn. The sizes suggested are only a guide.

Tip:  Keep LOTS of notes when you are making and test burning your candles. Accurate notes will eliminate future problems - so test burn all candles before making in volume.

HTP = High Temperature Paper!

PLEASE NOTE:  We will not be stocking wicks or soy wax once the current stock is sold out.





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AUD 2.50
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