Water Soluble Paper (10 Pack)

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Water Soluble Paper (10 Pack)

10 Sheet Pack. This paper can been drawn on or printed in your printer, and embedded in Melt & Pour Soap. We found the best results were achieved using a Laser Printer or Photocopier in our Extra Clear Melt & Pour Soap Base (as pictured above). Perfect for fun gifts, birthdays, wedding favours and parties.

We tested the paper using a Colour Ink Jet Printer in our Extra Clear Melt & Pour Soap Base too and found we had good results for colour fastness for 2+ weeks - however, the red/violet colours were not stable after this time frame. If using an ink jet printer, we recommend making the soap immediately prior to gifting. You can also print the decals ahead of time and give them a thin, even spray with hair spray, this helps to set the ink on the paper ready for embedding.

This real paper is made of a cellulose fibre so is totally benign and dissolves with steam, water and in other aqueous solutions. It is biodegradeable, non toxic and environmentally safe.

You can also use this at children's parties to liven things up by sending secret messages to each other! Place in water after reading and it will dissolve - that's better than invisible ink! Our laser tests actually left the capital letters floating in the bowl, which was great fun to watch☺.

Pack contains 10 Sheets - size 11" x 8".

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AUD 15.00

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