Stand Up Pouch, Medium

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Stand Up Pouch, Medium

Our clear Stand Up Pouches are excellent for so many packaging conundrums! They are heat sealable with your iron set on a "low" setting (or an impulse sealer) and have a zip lock seal. Our pouches are also food safe and make excellent Snack Packs for school, work and picnics.

Suitable for Bath Salts, Bath Milks, Foot Soaks, Mud packs, Masques, Herbal teas for Bath and drinking, Coffee Beans, Confectionery, Gift packs or Sample Bags.

Suggested Uses:

  • Bath Salts
  • Bath Milks
  • Bath & Foot Soaks
  • Bath Teas
  • Mud packs and Masques
  • Herbal Teas and Regular Tea Blends
  • Storage of herbs, spices and botanicals to prevent moth infestation
  • Coffee Bean Blends
  • Confectionery
  • Gift packs
  • Travel Toiletries
  • Sample Bags

They have a Gusset in the base which allows them to stand up and have a nice flat surface for a label, front and back, and measure:

21cm x 13cm x 5cm gusset

This bag holds 350g+ of Sea Salt.

Note: This bag is now 1 cm higher and 1 cm wider than previous stock.

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AUD 5.50

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