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Soy Wax CB-Adv

As we no longer stock PB Wax, we recommend substituting with CB-Adv. Wax
EcoSoya® CB-Advanced Soy Wax has extreme resistance to bloom (white frosting) and "wet spots".  It contracts slightly when cold to produce a uniform beautiful appearance, requires only one pour, has good scent throw with fragrances, and a creamy white appearance. This product is entirely natural.

Candles made with CB-Advanced Soy Wax resist frosting, have a smooth surface and an even burn pool with consistent colour retention.  If you want to heat your glassware prior to pouring we recommend a maximum of 65 - 70°C, but this is optional.

EcoSoya CB Advanced Soy is the best wax for the beginner, and the best-selling Soy Wax. It is the easiest product to use, and is great for someone who is just getting started in candle making as it gives you immediate success without having to learn a whole lot about how to make candles.

Remember, when you add any fragrance and colour this will cool the wax, so have the melted wax at about 10 degrees hotter than your planned pour temperature when you stir these in.


Suitable for: Containers including glass and tins Extreme resistance to blooming and wet spots in glassware
Melt Point: 44° C
Recommended Pour Temperature: 54° C
Recommended Fragrance Load: 5 -10%
Recommended Wicks: HTP, CD
All EcoSoya waxes are Kosher Certified
GMO Free

Testing of Wicks, Colour and Fragrance is always highly recommended when making candles, as changing any component (wick, wax, colour, scent, temperature, container) may affect the finished candle.

Quick Start Up Guide For CB Advanced Soy Wax  - PDF download
Usage Guide For CB Adv Soy Wax - PDF download

Shelf Life: When stored properly, as per instructions, CB-Advanced has a minimum shelf life of 3 years. However, for finished candles, tests have shown that they can last many years after that.





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AUD 12.20
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