Soap Injector Tool

The soap Injector Tool has a 12cc capacity syringe cylinder.  As seen on Soap Queen TV - this tool is a necessity for the tiny details in your melt and pour soap projects. This tool is reusable many, many times.

Tip: Trim the tip of the injector using scissors to make a slightly wider piping nozzle which is less prone to clogging. We like to remove about 0.75 cm (or about 1/4") but you can cut more or less depending on your preference.  Keep a cup of hot or boiling water nearby while using your injector to clean quickly between use.  Clean out the injector in between uses to ensure the soap doesn't solidify in the tool.

For more tips on using the soap injector see the video on Soap Queen TV to make Gingerbread Man Soap (which is also one of our Christmas Melt & Pour Kit Designs - you'll need to purchase the injector tool separately)





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AUD 2.60

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