Recipe Formulary

Welcome to our Recipe Formulary!  If you need a nudge of inspiration, or just to see what can be achieved with our products, take a peek at these pages.

You can sell the products you make from these formulas, but you may NOT use our recipes in Class Handouts or reproduce them.

This information is provided for use personal use only and remains the copyrighted property of the author/s.  Enjoy using our recipes, but please respect the time, effort and hard work we put into creating them. This information is not to be re-published in any medium whatsoever without the written permission of the authors.

Learning Library
Tutorials, Video Links and Calculators - Soapy Resources is a must read if...
Cold Processed Soap Making
Recipes for Goats Milk, Olive Oil, Palm Free and Textured Top Soap, links...
Melt & Pour Soap Soapmaking
Melt & Pour Soap Information, Tutorials & Recipes.
Foamy Bath Butter Recipes
What is FBB? It's a scoop-able, whip-able soft soap base for making...
Scrubs, Clays, Muds & Spa
Exfoliate! Easy recipes for Sugar and Salt Scrubs, Masks, Sugar Scrub...
Bath Recipes
Bath Bombs & Fizzies, Milks, Soaks, Bath Melts, Scrub Cubes, Bubble Bars &...
Moisturiser, Lotion & Balm Recipes
Recipes for beginner Lotions and Moisturisers, Balms, Body Sprays and...
Hair Care, Facial Washes & Surfactants
Surfactants and beginner formulas, also see our Bubble Bubble Toil &...
Massage Oils, Perfumes & Potions
Dry Perfumes, Massage Bars and Oils, Body Sprays and Serums
For Lips - Balms & Moisturising
Lip Balms and Stick formulations
For Baby & Little Ones
Gentle formulas for Bubs and Toddlers, and also the elderly
Candles, Herbal, Kitchen and Cleaning
Recipes and Tutorials for: Candles, Soy Melts & Tarts, Wax Decorations,...
Lye & Metric Conversion Calculators
Links to Lye & Metric Conversion Calculators
The Festive Formulary
A collection of projects launched over the years for Christmas. You will...