Multi Pour Tool for Regular Silicone Loaf Mould

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Multi-Pour Tool for Regular Silicone Loaf Mould

You asked for it, we asked Bramble Berry for it, and here it is!  This custom sectioning tool is used to create the Mantra, Infinity and Taiwan Swirls in Cold Process Soap and has been redesigned to fit the Regular Flexible Silicone Mould

You can create beautiful designs with this simple to use tool!  The sectioning tool set is perfectly fitted for our Regular Silicone Loaf Mould.  It divides your loaf into either three or four sections.  Fill each section with a different colour then remove the dividers and create multi-coloured soap designs.

We have found the dividers are difficult to grip if you have any traced soap on your gloves (very slippery!) - we recommend you have a couple of pieces of folded paper towel ready to use to grip the dividers as you pull them from the traced soap.

This Set Includes:
  3 Long Dividers, 2 End Pieces.  The set does not have a flat bottom insert.
Divider Material:
  High Density Polyethylene

24.7cm x 1.15cm (9.75"x 0.45") - 3 long dividers
8.25cm x 1.15cm (3.25"x 0.45") - 2 end pieces

David's Hemp and Sandalwood Cold Process Tutorial is here.  There is also a video short by Soap Queen using this tool here

Below is a Soap Queen video showing how to use Multi-Pour Tool in a wooden soap mould (same instructions, different mould)

(To see the method to remove the dividers it's at 8.21 minutes)

You can see Soap Queen Tutorials using the dividers on these links:

Oatmeal Milk & Honey Mantra Cold Process Soap Tutorial

Three Colour Mantra Swirl Tutorial (this one was done with squeeze bottles before the manufacture of the specialty dividers to make it quicker and easier)

Infinity Swirl Cold Process Soap Tutorial

Natural Colourant Taiwan Swirl Tutorial

and this Espresso Shot Cold Process Tutorial using the sectioning tool (again in the wood mould but same technique!)

Do not wash in dishwasher.
We recommend hand washing all of your moulds and pieces of the Multi Tool to ensure a long life.
A 10 minute soak in warm water will soften and dissolve most if the soap on the multi tool sheets and make cleaning a breeze.





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AUD 46.00

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