Mica, Bordeaux

This is a wonderful rich Bordeaux Red Mica that is approved for use in lip products as well as skincare. This shade is slightly lighter than our Deep Red Mica, but can be used in the same way and applications.

Product Suitability:

Melt & Pour Soap - Yes
Cold Processed Soap - Yes
Cosmetics including Eye area - Yes
Lip Products - Not certified
This Colour is a: Non Bleeding Colour

Our Test Results:

Produces a rich red colour in clear MP Soap Base and a pastel pink colour with no shimmer in white MP Soap Base. In CP it produces a reddish/salmon pink colour.
pH sensitivity: Quite stable in high pH products such as CP Soap
Colour Fading: This mica is a pigment and is resistant to fading
Colour Bleeding (Migration): Non bleeding Colour





Mica, Iron Oxide


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AUD 6.50

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