Log Cutter Blade Guide, Wooden

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Log Cutter Blade Guide, Wooden

Suits our Heavy Duty Cutter Blade
Our handmade wooden, cutter guide allows our Heavy Duty Cutter Blade to slide snugly down slicing your soap logs into uniform, professional looking bars. Takes up to a 2kg log of soap, both Melt & Pour and Cold Processed Soap.

Soapers are making harder soap! The Heavy Duty Blade is not flexible and so is able to cut harder soap without any bowing. This is a modified guide to suit the Heavy Duty Cutter Blade. Suitable for Soap Logs Made in our Wooden Log Mould as well as soap made in milk carton soap.

Internal width takes a log up to 910mm in diameter - sides of the guide measure 70mm high.  Alternatively, you can flip the log on its side if its wider than this and slice on its side.

To achieve straight slices, pressure must be applied from directly above the blade - as you bend the blade by leaning at an angle. Soap should be as fresh as possible, the harder the bar, the mould difficult to cut.

Select the option below - you can order just the Wooden Guide or both the Guide and a Cutter Blade set.

Now, you can order the set of Cutter Guide & Blade together on this page using the drop down menu!

Not suitable for Crinkle Cutter or our Rounded Loaf Mould.

Made in Western Australia from Plantation pine.





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AUD 37.00

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