Heavy Duty Mould Tiny Hearts

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HD Mould - Tiny Hearts

These cute little hearts are made for embedding or single use for guests and gifts.

Heart Size: 2.5cm (w) x 2.2cm (h)
Heart Cavity Size: 2.15g

Cavities: 4 x Hearts
Total Mould Capacity (for one pour): 9.35 g

Tip:  Let soap set up for at least 2 hours for easier unmoulding. I make a few batches ahead of time ready to embed.  If you have any problems, we suggest placing the mould in the freezer and allow 10 minutes or so and then unmould.

SQ Tutorial showing these little ones embedded into Cold Process Cubes, and this project is perfect for Valentine's Day, Easter and Mothers Day!

How to Use and Care for Heavy Duty Moulds info here





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Regular Price: AUD 3.80

Special Price AUD 2.20

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