Guar Conditioner

Guar Conditioner is a derivitive of Guar Gum and is considered a cationic conditioner. Guar Conditioner is THE key ingredient in conditioning shampoos to leave hair soft, shiny and silky.

Lotions and creams with Guar Conditioner provide conditioning to the skin and has a soft, silky feel. Guar Conditioner is quickly and easily dispersed in room temperature Water or Vegetable Glycerine - sprinkle on top and allow to sit 30 minutes and then mix well.

Guar Conditioner is also known as Guar Silk at Guar Cat.

Note: Although imparting a silky feel to to skin, Guar Conditioner is not a suitable replacement for Silk in Soap, but does give Vegans and Vegetarians a natural, silky option in their body and hair products.

Recommended usage level: 0.1 - 1.0%





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AUD 7.50

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