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Fragrance Oils A - C

Welcome to our selection of Bramble Berry’s fabulous Cosmetic Fragrances, some of the finest, premium quality fragrance oils available. Scroll down to shop immediately!

All our high quality, fully tested cosmetic fragrances are suitable for use in soap, skin care, candles and other aromatic applications. You can depend on our fragrances - if an oil is likely to discolour your soap, or seize your CP soap - you will see this mentioned.

Essential Oils and Fragrance can be blended together to make stunning therapeutic blends, or they can be used alone. Many Bramble Berry Fragrances are very sophisticated and complex scents, so you may wish to soap them on their own first.

Complete List of Bramble Berry Fragrances

Tips and Recipes for Scent Blending Here or Blend Essential Oils for their therapeutic properties with Fragrances for the best of both worlds!

To calculate the amount of Fragrance to use Bramble Berry's Calculator will help. For Cold Process Soap, 2.5% of the Oil Weight, for MP Soap it's usually 1.5% ish.

You can download our Dilutions Guide on PDF here, which has guidelines for Fragrance and Essential Oil usage amounts.

Dilutions Guide Here

Scent Suggestions for Hair Products and Liquid Soaps

Why Bramble Berry? Read just why here!

A - C
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Fragrance Oil Return Policy: We cannot accept returns on Essential or Fragrance oils, Colourants or Soap Base for any reason. Please order small sizes whenever possible to ensure that our products are both pleasing to your nose and work to your satisfaction.

We test all our fragrances by actually using them in numerous batches of soap. When you purchase our fragrance oils, you can be certain that your end product will smell just right!

Fragrance oils are rigorously tested in Cold Process (temperature range 37°C - 45°C), Melt and Pour as well as Hot Process soaps. We prefer to keep our Cold Process temperatures low, as higher temperatures can cause trace acceleration, separation or seizing in some batches.

We include a reminder on your invoice to check the website for usage notes.

Our fragrance oils are packaged in Amber Glass Bottles for maximum storage longevity. However, if you order the 2.5kg size, these come in an HDPE Jerry Can and we recommend this be re-packed into Amber Glass Bottles for storage.

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