Exfoliants & Loofah

Aussie Soap Supplies® stocks many types of exfoliants for all your Soap and Body products.  Choose from superfine, exquisite Bamboo Powder, Ground Pumice and Walnut Shells, or from our range of Loofah.  Our loofah range includes Ground and Shredded Loofah, Whole Loofah sections and our own innovation, Loofah Slices, and don't forget our natural Western Australian Sea Salt for Salt Scrubs.

IMPORTANT NOTICE ON BOTANICAL SHIPMENTS OVERSEAS: Due to Quarantine restrictions, New Zealand does NOT allow many botanical items (or milk powders) to be imported without inspection and often fumigation (which can be costly).  It is up to the individual to ensure you are able to import goods ordered without added cost.

Loofah - Luffa cylindrica

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