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Bath Bomb Mould Pack

This unique two piece spherical plastic bath bomb mould is a mould and bath bomb packaging all in one!  Featuring a sleek and sturdy design, with an airtight seal along with a pre-punched eyelet that makes hanging and displaying your product simple.

We loved this mould  concept, and so made "planetary" soaps, Shimmery Saturn Soaps, and are working on festive themed baubles too!  You can check out our planetary tutorial here

Soap Queen has a Bath Bomb tutorial using this mould here.  This one is for a foot soak fizzy, but if you want a regular fizzy just drop the Chia, and switch the fragrance over your favourite.  And this gorgeous Midas Gold Bath Fizzy Tutorial is here

We had a play as soon as the shipment arrived using Melt and Pour Soap - Tutorials for Soapy Saturn Soaps and Marbles coming soon!

To use the mould:

Fill each half fairly firmly, add a little extra bath bomb mixture to the centre of one half (which will help to keep it all together), and press the two mould halves together.  To avoid any imperfections on your bath bomb, make sure to direct the pressure to the edges of the mould rather than the centre.  Don't forget to line up the eyelets of each side when joining the halves together.   Note, if the mould is packed too firmly it can make it difficult to open and close the packaging.

Mould Capacity: 90 - 100g for bath bombs, 95g Melt & Pour Soap
Mould Cavity Diameter:  5.4 cm

Note:  Mould edge and hang-sell eyelet add 2.5cm to total package diameter.  Hang-sell can be cut off for a perfect sphere.





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AUD 9.00

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